2008 FCA Christmas Shoot

Well, if you weren't there you missed out on an awesome, fun shoot, and great BBQ!

Thanks to the fantastic work of the Morrison family, our club enjoyed a great day out on a new course set up on the Morrison's farm.  Eric had put some real thought (we hoped) into laying out a challenging course, with plenty of open ground, water, and air shots available.  Click here to check out the photos

A couple of stunners included an interestings shot across the dam... 55yards, and again from a different angle another long shot 60yards, a moving target on a wire (shot also from 2 different angles) and to finish it all off a bit of a challenge on target 21.............             a 128yard shot to a standing bear.

Target 21 was a great team building excersize, with much discussion on how far up the tree behind was best to put your 40yard pin, Shot of the day went to Carolyn Morrison who nailed him on her first shot.  It was great to see Phil Dickie and Nigel Thompson have a go with their recurves too.  (The average arrows shot per person to nail the bear was 3) so well done everyone on their commendable effort to reach the 128 club.

 After our round, we shot for our christmas pressies, (numbered clay birds corrosponded to mixed up pressy pool) and settled in for a early BBQ dinner.  Thank you Owen for your venison, great BBQ skills again and being Santa for the kids (Big and small).

I believe the team headed out for a twilight round which I'm sure would have produced s0me interesting scoring.  I'm sure we'll hear about that at a later date.  There was only 1 camera on course for the day, and the battery went flat unfortunately before we rounded up the arrows from target 21, bear shoot, so please excuse the lack of other club members photographed.


Hope you all enjoy a merry safe christmas, and are looking forward to 2009 :)  See you for the club working bee in January.



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