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Club Scoring System

Posted by Franklin County Archers on April 30, 2015 at 4:30 AM

Hello Franklin County Archers As of the 2015 AGM, Sunday 26th April, the committee has voted to resurrect the club scoring system. Which means all club day shoots results will be collected in, and added to your running total for the year. At the conclusion of the financial year, (The next AGM)all results will be tallied, The top 6 scores from each archers portfolio will be considered along with personal handicaps, for club awards within their respective division. This also means that we will be resurrecting our own end of year shoot for Top Club Archer too. This system allows us to track for you your improvements over the year with your scores, there is also a trophy for most improved come the end of the year. This registrar will not include the 28 target IFAA round at this stage. Club day score cards will be kept and stored by the Score Registrar (Jill Gillette). So here’s what you need to know…… Scores can be submitted on any day, providing the conditions listed below are met. You must be a financial member to have your scores added to the registry. Double scoring must be completed by shooting groups (that means 2 people score the round on separate cards. This is to ensure there are no discrepancies in scoring, giving each archer assurance that the scores handed in will be correct. All score cards must have relevant information recorded… Date, Full Name, Division (Bow shot), round (blue, or white course or IFAA course) which peg you shot from, and must have two signatures, one the archer, and the other the scorer for the round. Missing information makes it invalid, and won’t be accepted by the registrar. Scoring as follows… On three zone targets. First arrow Heart 20, Lung 18, Body 16 (arrows must be cutting into the zone, not just touching the line) Second arrow, Heart 14, Lung 12, Body 10. Third arrow Heart 8, Lung 6, Body 4. On two zone targets, first arrow 20 for a vital and 18 for a wound, second arrow 16 and 14, third arrow 12 and 10. Please ensure you are shooting from the correct peg before starting the round. The list of coloured pegs and divisions is on the pin notice board in the club house if you are unsure. As an extra incentive, we will be running a Heart Shot End of Year Award (complete with bragging rights) This entails listing the targets on the back of your score card that you have achieved a heart shot on, hopefully by the end of the year, a full set will be achieved, and a prize awarded. To submit your score cards, (with all the relevant details provided) please place in the score card box, situated under the chalk board in the club house, it will be clearly marked with a lid. The club course pegs may be changed by the course captain at any given time to keep us fresh and honest. The registrar will be informed prior to peg changes. Looking forward to logging everyone’s results as they come in, Registrar Jill Gillette

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