Idea's for What to do with your duck meat

At this time of year the bow sometimes gets popped away in favour of a shot gun, for the game bird season.  If you were lucky enough to get out this season, heres a couple of ideas of what you can do with birds.....


Breast Meat....

We were lucky this year and got our limit of Paradise Geese on opening morning, these birds are hard work to pluck, so we breasted them out.  Some of the breasts have been frozen in twin packs as they are for later use...  (Duck breast shnitlz is always a favourite in our house). 

The rest were taken down to our local butcher and had them brined and smoked.  (As well as whole mallards).  Smoked duck is great in sammies, or thrown into a rice dish. 

Wild Stuffing

Whilst away in Pahiatua I had to whip up a stuffing for a game bird in a hurry and came up with this little gem, it can be modified easily to suit a rolled roast or a non game bird, any type of dried fruit can be used, or left out, a few variations are listed below.

Depending on size of roast as to how many slices of bread needed the standard for a chicken sized bird is 5 slices of bread, you can stuff the neck cavity as well to create more room for yummy stuffing


4 slices of bread (molenberg grained bread was used for this recipe)

1 egg

1 onion finely chopped

1 teaspoon of chicken stock

1 tablespoon of dried Thyme

1 teaspoon of black cracked pepper

4 tablespoons brandy

1 tablespoon of cashew nuts slightly chopped

1 tablespoon of raisins

2 tablespoons of dried chopped mango

Mix all together well and stuff into bird, remember cooking needs adjusting if bird is stuffed.

Variations....  use apricots instead of mango, use white wine instead of brandy, use walnuts instead of cashews, use cranberries instead of raisins, add bacon finely chopped or mushrooms, use mixed herbs instead of thyme.  The base of stuffing is always bread eggs herbs and onion, its up to you to flavour it further.

Hydration Recipe by Allan Jackson


100grams salt

8grams crushed epsom salts (2tsp)

2grams Cream of Tartar (a small tsp)

Mix it together and store in an air and moisture tight container.  Mixing ratio is 1/4 tsp to 1 litre