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Franklin County archers


Franklin County Archers are running an indoor championship which will consist of 4 separate rounds held through the year. Utilizing the IFAA indoor rules.

To compete you must shoot a minimum of 3 rounds, which will be held through the year. (If you choose to shoot 4 rounds, your lowest score card will be dropped from your final tally. It is worth doing all 4 rounds to increase your score average.)

Your shoot fee per round will include your score cards and your nominated target.

The fourth Round will finish with match play for 1st places (if required) a sausage sizzle and prize giving including club Indoor Championship Trophies.

Fees per round are $20.00 for a PAID UP FINANCIAL member, $25.00 for a NON MEMBER.

Competition Dates are:

Round 1     5 March
Round 2     7 May
Round 3     6 August
Round 4     5 Nov

Please see the brochure for further information.

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