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New Systems!

We have been working hard to create new systems at our Outdoor Range to make things easier. We now have two new systems up and running to help streamline our Health & Safety procedures at our Outdoor Range.

Firstly, there is a new system for recording what courses are being used outside of competitions. This is a simple sliding token system. When you are going out on a course, please slide over a plastic token to the right side of the wire to indicate which course you are entering. When you are finished, slide the token back to the left. Please use a token for each member of your group.

Secondly, we have a new digital recording system that is replacing our old sign-in book that was kept in the locked clubhouse (not much use if you can't get it!). You are able to access this new digital sign-in form via a QR code that can be found on a sign at the range. If you are unable to access QR codes from your phone, there is a link on the Outdoors page of this website.

Thanks in advance for using these new systems.

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