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26th January

FCA Indoor Championship Round 1

Combined with NZFAA Postal Indoor League Series Round 1

We’re kicking into Competitive gear early this year, to accommodate all the interesting events we have lined up for your participation!

We would like to offer you first up…… Round One of the FCA Indoor Championship Series, this is for any member to have a go at, especially if you’ve not long joined the club. Please see below on the how to enter. All of our new members had a fun time last year competing at these events, finishing up with an awesome BBQ and Prize Giving night at Indoors at the end of 2020. (For this event you can shoot 4 of the 4 rounds and drop your lowest score through the year, or just shoot 3 of the 4 to be competitive.)

Event Fee: $25 – This includes NZFAA event fee

Running in conjunction with Round One, will be the NZFAA Postal Indoor League Series. Your score card will be scored once, and, as both events follow the same set of rules, your final results will be sent into the NZFAA Registrar for the Postal League Series as well as the FCA Indoor Championship.

(The NZFAA Indoor Postal Series will consist of 4 rounds; you must register a score in each round. 2 of the Postal Series will run in conjunction with the FCA Indoor Champs, and 2 Flint rounds will run separately. (Don’t worry if you’re not sure on what a Flint or Standard Round consists of, we are here to help, and will be running a training session at an Indoor night prior to holding the Flint Round so you can get familiar with it. All rules for these events can be found on the IFAA Archers Handbook…. page 28 for the Flint Round Rules, and Page 29 for the Standard Unit Round Rules)) And a little extra light reading for you all…… The information for the Postal Series can be found on the NZFAA Web page under Event-Calendar. (This is worth having a quick read up on. )


Please email your event registrar Jill Gillette with the following information:

Your Full Name:____________ How you would like to pay: Online or Cash.

(If you are paying online…$25……..

Entry Fees paid to account 12-3028-0529313-01 FCA Indoors

Reference: YOUR NAME, Indoor R1 )

What division you would like to enter into: (If you are unsure just send bow style…Compound or Recurve, and we will adjust accordingly on the night after checking your gear with you.)

Age brackets are as follows:

Senior +65

Veteran +55-64

Adult +21-54

Young Adult +17-20

Junior +13-16

Cubs Under 13 years of age

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If you'd like to make contact with the club feel free to email or phone the below

President: Jannie de Vos - 021 028 67301

Treasurer: Lorna Robertson - 022 430 5560


Address: 22 Stone Rd, Bombay.

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