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How to sight your compound bow

We want our brand new practice range bales to last as long as possible, so follow this simple target set up to sight your compound bow in order to ensure you are not arrow clustering into these new target bales. This will help you set your pin height, and your windage (left and right to centre). Arrow clustering or tight grouping continuously into one spot creates soft spots in the centre of bales and it will also start costing you, the archer, money replacing damaged arrows.

Bale damage from multiple tight arrow groupings creates a shot out area. Remember to move your target face around a bit so you are not constantly aiming and shooting into the same place.

Hanging on the back of the 20 yard target bales on the practice range you will find a thick piece of lino with a stripe painted across it. To set you pin height for 20y, hang the lino so the stripe is horizontal on the 20y bale (level with the ground). Using a level to make sure the line is actually level is a good idea. When you are ready to shoot, drift your 20y pin along the line and release. You are only judging height value during this step, not left or right. Make sure you put at least 4 arrows down before you adjust your pin. (Always shoot a group of arrows, do not rely on just one arrow placement to make your decision.) If your arrows consistently fall below the line, move your pin down. If you arrows are consistently above the line, move your pin up until you are happily putting arrows in the line.

As you can see with the picture to the left, the arrows are all below the line and are spread out. This will mean that you need to lower the pin slightly, which will change the trajectory. Once you have set your 20y pin, take the lino and move it to a different distance (30-40-50y) bale and start the process again. A lot of newer sights have the ability to set the 20y and 40y pins and every other pin will adjust accordingly. This method is still the best way to check height.

Once you have all of your pin heights set, take the lino strip and turn it so it is vertical. Once again, use a level to make sure it is straight up and down.

It is easiest to do this stage (windage) at the 20y range. Once you have drawn and are starting to aim, make sure your bow is level (check your level when looking through the sight and adjust your body position be leaning a little if necessary, don't adjust your hand position). Place all of your pins in alignment with the lino line and shoot, once again shoot at least 4 arrows. This will again give you a consistent gauge to make adjustments. If they are all left of the line, shift your sight to the left. If they are all right, shift your sight to the right. (Remember to breathe through your shot.)

As you can see in the picture to the right, all of the arrows are to the right of the line, so shift your sight slightly to the right.

This is a tried and proven method to utilise a sight with pins and also a scope. It will not only look after our bales, but also your arrows. When you are satisfied with your sight set up please hang the strip of lino back at the rear of the 20y bales. Now you are ready to get out there and shoot!

If you need any further advice please contact the clubs coaching team.

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