Archery the art or sport of shooting arrows with a bow that can be enjoy by anyone as it does not require great strength or extreme physical fitness.   


Franklin County Archers focuses on providing an inclusive family atmosphere that caters for everyone no matter how young or old 


At Franklin County Archers we cover a number of disciplines; Target Archery with both indoors and outdoors locations as well as Field Archery covering 3D archery and bow hunting. 


Franklin County Archers outdoor location has a large practice butt area and currently two marked field courses for both target shooters and hunters, giving a realistic experience surrounding in a beautiful natural bush setting. There is also a 3D archery course. 


​We are also a member of the New Zealand Field Archery Association and the club is used as a venue for several competitions throughout the year and also participates in interclub series with other clubs situated in the region. 


Several of our members are keen hunters who like to get out as often as possible to put their target archery practice to use in challenging bowhunting environments.  There are also organized club hunts throughout the year and an in-house competition annually for game claimed. 




COMMITTEE 2019-2020 


President: Jannie de Vos  


Vice-President:  Mark Finan 

Secretary/ Treasurer: Mike Wheatley 

Shoot Registrar: Jill Gillette 

Huntsmaster: Phil Dickey 

Webmaster: Regan Walters 


Committee Members: 

Peter Walters, Sjan Wijdeven and Lorna Robertson 


If you'd like to make contact with the club feel free to email or phone the below


President: Jannie de Vos ph 021 028 67301

Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Wheatley ph 021 256 4045


Address: 22 Stone Rd, Bombay.

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