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Indoor Archery

Our Indoor Range is extremely popular with first time archers and experienced archers alike. Sessions are held every Thursday evening, with sessions available for a number of skill levels. Due to their popularity indoors sessions are currently done on a bookings only basis and we are unable to accept walk-ins. Anyone, of any age can come and try this fun sport, we can also accomodate wheelchairs. We ask that parents who bring children remain to supervise, or pick up a bow themselves to give it a try.

If you are bringing along your own equipment, it will need to be checked over prior to shooting. All bows must be under 60lb draw weight and all arrows must only have field points attached. For safety reasons all archers must wear suitable closed toe shoes; no sandals, jandals or high heels allowed. Our hall can also get very cold in the winter as there is no heating, so we suggest you dress warm.

Indoor (5).jpg
Indoor (5).jpg


Session Times:

4.30pm - 5.20pm: Cubs and Beginners (10 - 15 yard shooting line)

5.30pm - 6.20pm: Beginners (10 - 20 yard shooting line)

6.30pm - 7.20pm: Intermediate/Advanced and anyone needing  some technical help (20 yard shooting line)

7.30pm - closing: Advanced (20 - 30 yard shooting line)


Lane Hire:           $12pp non-members & $7pp members

Equipment Hire: $10 per session

Beginners and those new to archery:

If you are new to archery, we ask that you book in for one of our 4.30pm or 5.30pm sessions. This is to ensure there are instructors on hand to help set you up.


Each session has a number of NZFAA & IFAA qualified instructors on hand to help you out where possible. Instructors can also be booked on a one-on-one basis if you are wanting to fine tune your skills.


To book an indoor session, send you session time request (with a back up time in case that session is full) with your name to before 9pm Wednesday (any bookings requested after this time cannot be guaranteed). You will receive a confirmation email response with your booking time.


Please prepay your session once you receive confirmation:

Franklin County Archers Indoors


Reference: Name & 23INDRFEE


Remember, you can also rebook at the booking desk every Thursday night after you shoot. That saves the hassle of having to remember to send an email through each week, and guarantees your place on the line.



We understand that things can pop up which may mean you are unable to attend your session. In the instance where you may need to cancel we ask that you email before 9am Thursday to let us know. Failure to do so, or continued 'no shows' may result in the full shooting fee being charged.

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