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Outdoor Range

Franklin County Archers have been at the Stone Road Outdoor Range for over 30 years and is now sharing facility with Adrenalin Forest so please respect the following hours for shooting:


During School Holidays  

Weekday and Weekends only between 6pm to 9am 


Term Time

Weekdays and Saturday only between 6pm to 9am 

Sunday all day 


Shooting can ONLY to take place outside of the business hours of Adrenaline Forest for public safety. 

Please remember there is no parking at the club house, all vehicles must be parked at the bottom of the drive.

All shooters on the range must have a current paid membership or accompanied by current paid member who is responsible for their guest’s safety. 


As part of the Health and Safety requirements of Franklin County Archers, all members and visitors must be signed in and out of the Range Logbook. This is now digital and a QR code can be scanned at the range to fill in the required online form. If you are unable to access QR codes on your phone, you can find a copy of the form HERE. Please ensure you fill in this digital form every time you use the outdoor facility and one form for each member of your shooting party.


Failure to comply with Franklin County Archers Rules could have their membership revoked. 

A Range Fee of $5 per person ($10 for non-members) is payable per visit or a concession card can be purchased at the cost of $65.00 for the year for a single membership or $130.00 for a family membership. Please see our membership page.

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