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Venison Recipes

There are many great venison recipes out there, here are a few of our favourites.


Venison Crock Pot

2-3 Onions roughly chopped, 2-3 carrots roughly chopped, 2-3 spuds roughly chopped, 2 tins Watties Savoury Tomatoes, 1/2 bottle of white wine, handful or more of button mushrooms, 2 beef oxo cubes, 1/2 cup flour, 1 tablespoon mixed herbs, oils for frying.

Chuck all the veggies, tinned tomatoes, wine, oxos and mushies in the crock pot.


Rough cut your meat, mix flour and mixed herbs together, and dust meat in it.  Pan fry the meat until browned on all sides and throw into the crock pot with veggies.

I set my crock pot on high and leave for a better part of 6 hours, or until the meat is super tender.  When veggies are soft, taste test (you can always add a touch more wine).

Juniper'ed Fallow


1 Tbsp Dried Juniper Berries

1 Tsp Fennel seeds

1Tbsp Chopped finely rosemary

10 dried apricots

1/2 tsp black pepper

Bit of salt

A small handful of either Pecan nuts or Walnuts (optional and depending on flavour combinations of rest of meal) 

A good swig of brandy

One young fallow rear leg boned laid out (this works well on a small leg)

Some butchers string


How to:

Add juniper berries and fennel seeds to a mortar and pestle and crush, add salt, pepper and finely chopped rosemary and combine/crush, add brandy. Finely slice the apricots and the nuts and add to the mix. Once fully mixed spread over the inside of the boned meat, (it is not a stuffing, its a coating) roll and tie securely with butchers string.


Place roast on hot BBQ and sear all sides well, then place in an oven bag and cook it for 30-40min at 190C.  The aim is to leave the meat juicy, it will continue to cook for a bit when you remove it and rest it (in its bag) for 20 min. 

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